Ubuntu on Canonical-nimisen yrityksen Linux-jakelu, joka on varsinkin aloittelevien käyttäjien keskuudessa suosittu Linux-jakelu. Monet muut Linux-jakelut pohjautuvat Ubuntuun. Ubuntusta on saatavilla pitkän tukiajan (LTS) ja lyhyen tukiajan versiot.

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  • Snapcraft Summit Montreal
    by Martin Wimpress on 22.03.2019 at 15:30

    Following previous events in New York, Seattle, and London, the fourth Snapcraft Summit is taking place in Montreal, Canada from June 11th to 13th 2019. We have partnered with Travis CI this time and […]

  • Magic Wormhole – Send files with ease
    by Igor Ljubuncic on 21.03.2019 at 12:08

    Sharing is caring. Alexander the Great File transfer is the bread and butter of information exchange in the digital world. Documents, photos, videos, we share them with our colleagues and friends. […]

  • Design and Web team summary – 15 March 2019
    by Peter Mahnke on 20.03.2019 at 22:22

    This was a fairly busy two weeks for the Web & design team at Canonical. Here are some of the highlights of our completed work. Web team Homepage takeovers This iteration we designed and built […]

  • Debug ACPI DSDT and SSDT with ACPICA Utilities
    by Alex Hung on 20.03.2019 at 18:11

    Using acpidbg on Ubuntu 18.04 x64 can be quite handy; however, the Linux kernel with ACPI_DEBUGGER is not always available, such as on Ubuntu for ARM. In such cases, acpica also provides a set of […]

  • The path to Ubuntu Core
    by Eric Jensen on 18.03.2019 at 18:23

    At Canonical, helping customers overcome their challenges is what we do every day. In the IoT world, a common challenge we encounter is customers who are interested in transitioning to Ubuntu Core […]

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